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The web is a great resource, and its search capability seems to threaten the printed word. But for learning a technical subject, books are still the best source of fundamental knowledge, and magazines are the best source for the latest technology overviews. Their advertisements give you a good indicator of which companies are the big players in an industry.

Here are a few of the great printed resources for localization (L10N), internationalization (I18N), globalization (G11N), translation, and multilingual software engineering.

An excellent account of the rapid changes in the industry driven by web localization is Bert Esselink's Practical Guide to Localization . You should also visit the book's web site . (John Benjamins, 2000. Currently $32.95 at or direct from the publishers.) Esselink Book
O'Donnell Book Sandra Martin O'Donnell's classic Programming for the World has long been in use for software internationalization (I18N) and contains many guidelines that can be adapted to web pages and webWare. (Prentice-Hall, 1994. Currently $33 at .)
Dave Taylor's Global Software has a great set of references to other essential books on internationalization, including the history and politics needed to understand some markets. (Springer-Verlag, 1992. Currently $47.95 at ) Taylor Book
Multilingual An important magazine for our industry is Multilingual Computing & Technology . Multilingual has been around for ten years or so and is growing every year with the great increase in web internationalization projects. You need a subscription ($58/year for eight issues, $78 international). And don't miss their web site , with links to major multilanguage vendors, localizers, and language engineering firms.
The third edition of the Localization Industry Standards Association ( LISA ) Guide to Translation and Localization has been published by LISA and Lingo Systems . Request a copy today from Lingo Systems . Multilingual
Beyond Borders Beyond Borders, Web Globalization Strategies, is a comprehensive overview of the challenges of internationalization, localization, and translation for your website. John Yunker's /research site is a leading source for web globalization intelligence.

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