There are many multilingual dictionaries on the web. Some have web terminology. None include today's rapidly changing set of web site terms and phrases. A searchable Directory of Translation Dictionaries is available from Julia Emily Software , publishers of Lingo Translator's Assistant glossary management software . You can add links to dictionaries to this directory.

The EuroDicAutom is a massive project of the European Commission. It has 5.5 million entries in twelve languages (Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish) grouped by field (Agriculture, Aviation, etc.). The Logos dictionary is being compiled in over 30 languages by contributions from localizers around the world. It now has 7.5 million entries, but there are very few basic Web terms.

Some excellent Internet/Web specific efforts are available in French-English. The Quebec Office de la langue fran�aise offers Terminologie d'Internet . Lillian Arsenault 's Dictionaire de l'Internaute at IBM Canada.

See also NetGlos , which unfortunately stopped development in 1997.

Jim Martindale's Reference Desk Language and Translation Center has links to dozens of online bilingual dictionaries, some being built online by users like R�diger Werner's English-German . See also Tyler Chambers project to type in the public-domain English-French Spiers dictionary .

The best dictionaries for Internet terms may be single-language dictionaries in each language, especially those that are aggressively moving their material to the web. In the USA, Dictionary.com offers access to American Heritage and Merriam-Webster dictionaries and Roget's Thesaurus. They also have a great list of dictionaries online around the world.

Foreignword.com provides a single interface to a number of dictionaries on the web. You can try it here .

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