(subject-area specific dictionaries)

The Human-Languages Page , by Tyler Chambers, has links to nearly 2000 language-related web sites, including a few hundred glossaries. The Translator's Home Companion at Language Automation, Inc. also has hundreds of glossaries, sorted by language or by subject . has glossaries of many subjects in multiple languages.

A trilingual Internet-specific glossary is available at the Canadian Bureau of Translation . A tiny bilingual Internet glossary is available at the Biblioth�que de Montr�al .

There have been many great software localization projects in the past, usually specific to a particular computer language or operating system. Their glossaries are also valuable references for Internet and Web. The Microsoft glossaries are standard tools in most software localizer toolkits. Also take a look at Apple , SGI , and Sun . There are language-specific localization tools for Perl , for C, and for Java .

Glossary Lists

GlossPost is a searchable mailing list of glossary web addresses (URLs) maintained by Maria Eug�nia Farr� .

Frank Dietz' web page has a non-searchable listing of 1500 glossaries.

Cecilia Falk offers a Language Links page .

Gabe Bokor's List of Glossaries and Dictionaries at Translation Journal

Warwick Bone (a/k/a Woz) has assembled a searchable and categorised directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries at

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