Gabe Bokor's online Translation Journal has hotlinks to translators organizations , databases of translators , on-line glossaries and dictionaries , discussion groups , and much more.

Jim Martindale's Reference Desk Language and Translation Center links to multilingual dictionaries , language grammars , and single-language dictionaries .

A comprehensive online source for information about translation is Peter Sandrini's Resources for Translators and Interpreters at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. Another interesting site is Cecilia Falk's home page in English or in Swedish .

Karin Adamczyk Macroconsulting no longer contains Resources for Translators , a database of translation rates, with testimonials and complaints about 5000 different translation agencies worldwide and reviews of translation tools. The Payment Practices mailing list (used by freelancer translators to request credit references from other freelancers who have had experience with an agency) also appears no longer active. ALMAL seems to be offering something similar.

Alex Eames offers a twice-monthly free mailing on the translation business and sells a book of tips on translating. Radovan Pletka's Jobs for Translators culls job listings from major world news sources. It costs $30/year to receive his biweekly emailing.

The American Translators Association and the Northern California Translators Association list thousands of translators, searchable by language pair and subject area. The Institute of Translators and Interpreters in the UK offers a directory of translators. , the "web's leading language workplace," has well over 10,000 translator members. It features personal web pages for translators and agencies, sensible payment advice for translators, ratings and discounts on translation memory (TM) tools, and a powerful bidding system for translation jobs. KudoZ is a free human translation service. You can submit a word or phrase and have it translated. Moderators then grade the quality of the translation and award KudoZ points. Translators with high KudoZ points are superior candidates for translation work. is a new site somewhat similar to ProZ.

More Translator Databases (also see our Communities page )

These databases are typically searchable by language pair.

In Europe, Aquarius is a portal to hundreds of translators. Trados, the pioneer in translation memory tools, sponsors . It lists hundreds of freelance translators and localizers. Atril, manufacturers of Deja Vu, offer a similar service at .

Stephen Martin's offers email links and personal resum� pages for hundreds of translators. The American Web Directory is a for-fee listing of translators. They charge U.S. $36 for four listings for twelve months. One language pair in one subject is considered ONE listing. Each additional listing is U.S. $9.95 per year.

Other Translator Listings

Cecilia Falk maintains a listing of Translators with Home Pages .

Glenn's Guide to Translation Agencies lists a few hundred translation agencies.

Translator Associations manages a WebRing of Translation Research

Christian Erwig-Straughan's Translation & Languages site helps you choose translation agencies, translators, and language translation providers.

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